Where to find Free High Quality Background Music for Videos in 2020?

Where to find Free High Quality Background Music for videos in 2020?

July, 23.07.2020

Many experts said that 2020/2021 will be the start of the “age of video creation” and they were completely correct with this prediction.
Not only Singer, Songwriter, Artists, Companies, or Rappers needs background music for their videos today.

Since the Social Media boom in the last years with more and more upcoming Influencers, Vloggers, Live Streamers and YouTube, Vimeo Video Creators the Market seems to explode.
But what would a Video be without background music ? Nothing very interesting!

Let's dive into today's Topic:

Where to find Free High Quality Background Music for Videos in 2020?

There are tons of different Big Audio Library's out there.
But do you really want a Instrumental that may used over a Million Times before your Video is online? I would prefer something unique! The most of them Cheap Library's doesn't pay the Producer like it's normal because of their to small Prices. What would be if you could get your Background Music for free, and support the Creator of it with a FREE Subscribe, Like and Comment on the Video better than a Audio Library would do?

Here comes the Solution if you are looking for free background music for your videos or other projects! But what is free background music ? Is it really free? Royalty Free?

Free Background Music is like a heaven on earth for Creative Content Creators.
There are many Producers on YouTube where you can find Free Instrumentals for non- profit use.

But wait.. ?
What does FREE Beat mean?

Free in this case means that you don't have to pay upfront cost's to use the Instrumental Beat. You always have to pay royalties to the Producer if you earn Money with your Content, but this depends on your Planned usage and more.
If you are Planning to monetize your Videos you should read the YouTube Description carefully if it's allowed, or just buy a License trough the Link in the Video Description.

What should I type in to YouTube search to find the best background music for free?

This depends on your Needs. If you want Modern Happy, Uplifting, Smooth, Chill, Relaxed, Soulful, Upbeat,  Hip Hop, Rap , Trap or Pop Instrumentals there's a Producer you shouldn't miss!

German Producer and Beatmaker LitKidBeats stands out. His YouTube Channel is the best Source for Happy & Chill Background Music. Most Producers nowadays just focus on to sound like everybody else. LitKidBeats is different.
LitKidBeats Instrumentals are in a Modern Hip Hop / Rap / Trap US Style and always easy to listen

He Loves to compose simple but Catchy Melodies. Perfect as Background Music for Videos.
If you are looking for Lil Yachty Type Beats, Drake Type Beats, J Cole Type Beats, Kyle Type Beats, happy type beats, guitar type beats, chill type beats, you will find the right Music!

You can Download over 150+ Instrumentals in Mp3 for free for your Projects on his Website!
Styles: Happy, Upbeat, Uplifting, Motivational,Fun, Chill, Relaxed, Calm, Soulful, Funny,
Genre's: Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Pop.
Get background music for your videos today :)

If you have any Questions you can easily contact him through Facebook, Instagram or more. He got a Messenger Tab on his Website, that you can easily contact him without to do research.

Feel free to get Part of his YouTube Community. It's one of the friendliest and positive focussed communities worldwide right now!

Don't forget to give Credits!

Be Fair! 
Always mention the Producer of the Instrumental in your Video Description like this:
Prod. by xxx
Beat Link
(Some Producers have this as a Rule to use their Beats for free. You should always check the Video Description before using Music! If it Says free or not.)

Visit his Website to listen to all Beats. Or Simply check his YouTube Channel to support him!

Here is his latest Chill Type Beat called Summer. It's a Free Type Beat Rap/Trap Instrumental.

LitKidBeats on Social Media:

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